McGuffin 2

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Greenest in Flames (Part 1)

… and he had the gall not to even look interested! It’s not every day the story of Urist McGuffin the first is told! He did seem distressed though, and it couldn’t have been about the tale of the mind flayer, so I took note of my surroundings. That’s when I noticed the human village Greenest, and it’s pet dragon. Or renegade pet dragon, as the whole of the village seemed to be on fire, and even from this great distance I saw peasants running towards a single keep at the town’s centre.

Naturally, I left it to my entourage to deal with this minor trouble. I remember something about helping a beardless human save it’s husband, another beardless human. From there we found out that the dragon was no pet, but a great evil that came with brigands and kobolds to raid the town.

Kobolds. I hate them, you know. Not the normal, scrawny wingless ones. They’re a Dwarvish delicacy in some lower-class clans, or so I hear. No, the beasts with wings. In the mountainhomes, wings are bad news. Bats spread disease, and are a loud and messy annoyance. And Dragons were always a serious threat, if they thought they could take our treasures. Other than that, not a thing in the caves with wings, so it’s always bad news and bad omens. The scribe I explained this to was eager to get a bed before the other refugees took them all, and I released him from the conversation in search of adventure with some other caravan refugees.

Of course, the Governor, a human named Nighthill, wanted us to clear out an old secret tunnel of rats, and I politely declined. Far below my station, you see. While there, I spoke with a familiar looking dwarf face, who said he was the Steward, Eckbert. We discussed the possibility of Nighthill being a dwarvish vampire, based on his name alone…

McGuffin 2

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