The Party Dashboard

The Party Dashboard

The DM:

Sean Kent.

The Cast (Players and Party)

George Corser as Sir Urist Maladar McGuffin XVI the Paladin and author of The McGuffin Notes.
George Corser as Neroder “Nancy” Tree-Ghost the Barbarian
Mike Yang as Varus the Cleric.
Victor Goodnough as Conrad the Rogue
Jared Borgerding as Saren the Ranger
Ray Jackson as Caius the Rogue
Zachary Bagnik as Baldrick the Warlock
Nick Saidoo as Thew Izard the Wizard.

The party level is currently: Level 6

Party Loot (Unsold)

  • “Rations” the M Doberman (Wolf, Trained)
  • 1 set Purple Leader “Wearer of Purple” Regalia (Female)
  • 1 set casual purple robes (female)
  • 4 Dragon Scabbard Scimitars (advantage on social roles with Dragon Cultists)
  • 4 unique, savage dragon amulets (50, 60, 70, 100 GP)
  • Spice (bought for 3500 GP, intended sale price of 11500 GP)
  • 4 Wagons
  • 2 Carriages
  • 12 Draft Horses

Party Retainers (Minions!)

  • Enam Tobuun (Human Male Teamster) – In charge of making our carriages go and horses fed (and so on)
  • Nayerhight (Human Male Merchant) – In charge of making this merchant company work. Previously sold silk.
  • Eldore (Human Male Lawyer) – In charge of paperwork and contracts.
  • Imsa (Human? Female commoner) – Green woman who cooks and does odd-jobs for us.
  • 2 Deck Hands
  • 6 Drivers
  • 2 Horse Hands
  • 5 personal Guards
  • 1 Scribe
  • 12 caravan guards.

30000K GOLD (Fur + Spice + Cloth)

The Party Dashboard

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